Inspiring Stories

The first time I visited Fellowship CRC was for an Advent worship service.  During the service the opening litany and candle lighting were done by two ladies from the Friendship group. (Friendship group is a place where the church  shares God’s love with people who have special needs. The goal of the program is for the students to grow in their understanding of God’s world and their place in it.) 

It struck me that any church that would encourage Friends and their mentors to take an active role in a service must be inclusive.  The congregation  accepted and loved  these developmentally disabled persons.  The Friends were happy to be included  and be a part of Fellowship.  Seeing this I knew this could be a place with which I'd like to be involved. In joining Fellowship CRC, I have continued to feel very welcome, supported, encouraged and prayed for.  This congregation has truly become an extended family, offering many opportunities to serve and to receive so many gifts of fellowship.  I will always be grateful for the inclusive welcome that I have found here.



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